David Cordero

How to configure Ubuntu for webcam Vaio FE41M

Published on 31 Jan 2008

This was one of my first posts, which made me receive a lot of visitors. That is why I’ll translate it now to English.

One of the problems that you can find during the installation of Ubuntu in the Vaio FE41M is the webcam. The webcam of this laptop is not autoconfigured by default.

The fix for this problem is very easy, you just have to check the version of the kernel that your laptop is running with this command:

uname -a

And then download from here the drive of the webcam in a .deb package format.

After downloading the driver, we only have to install it with the following command:

sudo dpkg -i ricoh-webcam-[version].deb

Replacing “[version]” with the proper driver and kernel values.